RTPI Displays for FARA in the City of Trondheim

In the summer of 2019 Surtronic designed and supplied well over 300 Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) displays for FARA, Norway’s leading technology company in public transport solutions. The displays were installed in the City of Trondheim as part of a larger project for AtB, the Public Transport Authority in Trøndelag County, one of Norway’s largest provinces. By signing this unique contract, FARA is one of the first in Norway to deliver an Real-Time Passenger Information system according to the new European industry standard ITxPT (Technology for Public Transport).


FARA requested the design and supply of over 300 high-quality, durable, lean and reliable RTPI displays operational in all-weather conditions, especially the cold Nordic climate. The displays will be installed in new bus shelters throughout the City of Trondheim (c. 200.000 inhabitants).


Surtronic designed, produced and delivered two customized types of RTPI displays: Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and double-sided 4-line Light Emitting Diode (LED) Passenger Information Displays, both according to the IP65 standard, all-weather resistant and with a smart, modern housing design and climate control.

TFT Passenger Information Displays 


The Surtronic TFT display is a 32-inch RTPI TFT Passenger Information Display designed according to the IP65 standard and equipped with climate control. Our smart and unique housing design keeps the display cool at all times, ensuring that the heat of the TFT panel and single-board computer is dissipated to the inside of the outer layer of the housing. Surtronic displays are also dustproof and protected against (melting) water. 


  • Real-time bus information via 4G+/LTE
  • Optical bonding with a high-quality, UV-protected, anti-reflective glass window 
  • Vandalism proof
  • All-weather resistant 

4-line LED Passenger Information Displays


The Surtronic 4-line double-sided RTPI LED display is especially designed for long-term operational life. These specific Surtronic LED displays are all-weather resistant according to the IP65 standard. Our smart and unique casing design keeps them cool at all times making them suitable for a wide range of outdoor environments. 


  • High attention value & contrast value
  • Operational in all weather conditions
  • 140 degrees viewing angle

We design to your requirements

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